Friday, September 18, 2009

Speak Up, Speak Out

As another week comes to a close I have come to realize that maybe I set my expectations too high for myself. I thought that finding something new and different to write about everyday would be easy... It's not. I am still going to try to post Monday- Friday but if I miss a day or two(like this past Wednesday) please forgive me. Also if you're just browsing through this blog and you like what you read, be sure to follow me and tell your friends.

I want to strongly encourage everyone to go back to my "Get to Know Your Senator" blog and look in on what your state officials are up to. There are far to many people in congress with special interests that don't come near to reflecting the interests of their voters. Don't be afraid to contact your congressmen either. They work for you and should being taking all of your concerns into consideration. If it is an issue that you are passionate about, have your friends and family contact your senator as well. The more voters the come forward with the same issue, the more likely your senator will be to listen and take action.

Don't be afraid to speak out about corruption. Don't let taxation without representation happen to you! Things like special interest groups and frivolous spending in Washington are getting out of hand. Put a stop to it, speak up, speak out! America, if we want our government to turn it self around we need to be the ones to give it the starting push.

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