Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ugly Americans: The John Adams Project.

The John Adams Project is a group of terrorist sympathizers from the American Civil Liberties Union (gag!) and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (puke!) that was established to "support military counsel at Guantanamo Bay."

In August 2009 claims were made that three lawyers associated with the project had shown pictures of CIA officers to their clients, Guantanamo captives. The captives were among the "high value detainee" program who had spent years in secret CIA interrogation centers.
The Justice Department is investigating the John Adams Project because it is a violation of federal law to identify covert CIA agents. An ACLU spokesperson justified these actions by claiming that they (CIA agents)had been involved in the "torture" of Guantanamo terrorist detainees.

Torture... Come on! In a document released to the ACLU by the CIA, the enhanced interrogation methods listed were "forced nudity, sleep deprivation, dietary manipulation and stress positions." And then of course there is the dreaded water boarding, which, for those of you who don't know, simulates drowning but with no actual danger to the prisoner. These events that took place down in Gitmo can hardly be called torture. Uncomfortable, yes. Torture, no! The CIA was using these techniques to gain information from suspected terrorists,information that helped protect the American people. (If anyone wants specifics let me know and I would be happy to go into great detail.)

Let's get back to these ugly Americans. The John Adams Project is exposing covert CIA operatives to enemies of the United States in hopes to get these agents to take the stand during hearings. They are putting these men and women and their families in danger so they can win a case for a terrorists... disgusting!!

As I researched this situation I began to wonder... Do these hoity toity lawyers really care if these men accused of horrendous acts of terrorism are really given due process? NO! These are dirty criminal defense lawyers who were pissed that the Bush Administration was not allowing them to get into this lucrative area of Government. This is about money!Lawyers like these ACLU nut jobs make millions of dollars off of taxpayers defending these enemy combatants. Make no mistake about it,these lawyers are traitors and are the most immoral and greedy human beings on the planet. They are protecting American enemies and using the blanket of freedom that America provides in order to destroy it.

To the creators, members, and supporters of the John Adams Project: You are all ugly Americans and you should all be ashamed of yourselves!

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