Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello and welcome. Before you read on I would like to warn some of you that you are not going to like what I have to say. I am not a fan of Obama, I did not vote for him and I am terrified by what his administration is doing to our country. All though I am not a fan I am also not an idiot. I know that our nations debt is not all his fault but he has only made it worse by trying to bail everyone out in an attempt to create a government run country.

In this blog you will read my thoughts, opinions, and observations. If you are here to curse at me or slander me and make uneducated arguments you will be ignored and possibly laughed at.

I will be talking about issues that are taking precedence in main stream media and issues that should be! I am a young women with a strong mind and even stronger opinions. America is in trouble and I, like many other Americans, am angry!


  1. Thank you for the comment. Please be sure to spread to word of my blog around to your friends!

  2. I am an angry American girl too. Thanks for
    starting your blog. Also, enjoyed seeing the
    pictures from 9-11. We need to look at them frequently to remember what terrorists did to us, and also to remember how we came together as a nation during the days and weeks afterward.

  3. Thank you for the comment.

    I agree we need to see these remiders frequently. Every once in awhile I will be sure to post a picture or two that makes us all look back and remember why unity in America is so important.

    Be sure to visit often and tell your friends!